Learning from Place

For my education class we were asked to read Learning from Place: A Return to Traditional Mushkegowuk ways of Knowing written by Jean-Paul Restoule, Sheila Gruner and Edmund Metawabin and find examples of decolonization in the reading.  In the reading it states the following: “Bringing generations of community members together on the land advanced the community’s recognition and reclamation of Mushkegowuk knowledge and culture.”  This quote demonstrates decolonization because it is bring the community together by sharing their culture and knowledge.  That is important because it brings them together because the elders can share their knowledge with the youth and everyone else.

I am a health minor and in one of my education health classes we talked about the Medicine Wheel.  It has four parts: spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.  In your life you should have a good healthy balance of all four of those things.  The Medicine Wheel is something I will be teaching my students about in health classes and something I will want to incorporate into my lessons are articles like Learning from place.  For instance, the article mentions how important nature is for different aspects of health including the ones mentioned in the Medicine Wheel.  I can mention this article and explain how the trip through nature was beneficial for everyone involved.  Overall, it was an interesting article and made me think of recolonization which is not something that I have talked about in classes much and he different ways I can incorporate that into what I teach.


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