Treaty Education

Treaty Education is required to be taught to all grade levels, yet there are teachers who do not teach Treaty Education for whatever their reason is.  What bugs me is that teachers do not take math units out of what they teach because they do not think they need to teach it, but somehow teachers can take out teach Treaty Education and some people think this is okay.  For my practicum last year there is a checklist of things that we had needed to do and one was incorporate Treaty Education into a lesson and my professor told the class that many times the box gets checked whether you did it or not.

Some teachers have the mindset that if there is no First Nations, Inuit or Metis students that Treaty education does not need to be taught and that should never happen.  Every Canadian is a Treaty person because we are living on Treaty land and therefore it is important that everyone learns and understands the history of Treaties.  All teachers should acknowledge that and talk with their students about why we are all Treaty People.  It is a difficult position that the preservice teacher is in but I think my advice to her would try and talking to the teacher about why they think Treaty Education is important.  Also, Claire could probably help the person out with resources.  But overall, this makes me sad to hear that some teachers having that philosophy when it comes to Treaty Education.


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