ECS 410 – Blog Post #1

We had a guest presentation this week in our assessment class from the Ministry of Education.  There were many discussions that we had and one of them that stuck out to me was the following question: is ’47 a 50’?, which means that at the end of the semester if a student has a 47% it is the same as a 50%.  For me, I hope that it would not come to making a decision at the end of the semester whether a 47 is a 50.  If a student is failing a class, action should be taken so that the student does not end up in that situation at the end of the semester.  On the other hand, if students do not take action themselves then the question might be: Should a student pass if they didn’t put the effort in when they knew they were in danger of failing a class?  Also, does it make a difference if something in their personal life is affecting them?  I don’t think I would pass a student if they did not pass the course but who knows what I would do if I was in that situation.  I do not think I can know for sure until I am in that situation.

We were asked to read the third and fourth chapter from the textbook Making Classroom Assessment Work written by Anne Davies.  I am going to talk about something I read in chapter two though.  I like the idea of having goal setting conferences, which was something mentioned in this chapter.  This is when parents/guardians are invited to talk about the student’s strengths and areas that may need improvement.  I think this would be beneficial for students and would give the teacher a good idea of who the students are.  I do not think high school teachers get to know parents as well as they could in some cases because some schools have parent teacher conferences with their homeroom teachers instead of their teachers, which was how it was done at my high school.  In my education math class though we talked about why some parents/guardians may be unable to attend these meetings so that is something that would be needed to take into consideration.  Overall though, I hope this is something I could try out in my classroom because I think it could help myself and the students.