ECS 410 – Blog Post #2

This week in my assessment class we were asked to read chapter seven and eight from the textbook Making Classroom Assessment Work written by Anne Davies.  In this reflection, I will talk about some parts of the assigned readings and discuss an article I found online.

In chapter seven, there was an example of a class who were doing a research assignment and the teacher noticed students were having some difficulty so she had the students create a list of what is important in a research project.  After the list was created, the class made a T-chart from the list.  Students were given a copy and highlighted what was true about their project and which criteria they have met and what they could improve on.  I think doing this is very beneficial for the students because they can see what they may need to work on for their project.  I think it is worth teachers trying this out

There was an online article that I read recently that was very interesting and I would definitely recommend reading the article.  In this article, a teacher talks about how for a media class she and the students decided what would be taught during the course, developed rubrics for projects and had a large say in what they were doing for assignments.  It was very interesting to see how she gave students control of the class and it ended with overall positive results.  I understand you would not be able to do this in a lot of classes but I still think it was a unique idea that I have never seen done before.