This week we were asked to look at any of the LSMs that we looked at in class.  I decided to look at Edmodo and use Edmodo for my major project for this class.  I really like Edmodo because it is an easy way to get in contact with students and parents.  You can post word documents/google docs so if students miss a class you can put the notes/assignment online and students can access it there.  I am not great with technology and I found the site easy to use.  You can also schedule to post things at a specific time or day.  The only thing about that is make sure to double check the date and time!  You don’t want to accidentally set something to post at 4am instead of 4pm!  Teachers can post assignments that students can complete online or print out and complete.  I would definitely use this in my class because it is easy to use and it is free!


That is more or less what the homepage for a class might look like!


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