A Good Start!

I have a good start on my major project and I so far really enjoying this project!  I have started to create a summary of my unit plan that includes concepts that students should understand by the end of the unit and a brief description of each lesson.  I have also created the second lesson plan.

I decided to start with a lesson that has students pair off and use an online graphing calculator, called Desmos, to determine a variety of characteristics of a horizontal line, linear function, quadratic function and a cubic function.  I think Desmos is a great app (it can be downloaded on phones/Ipads and can also be used online) that is easy to use and really gives students a good visual representation of the characteristics of the polynomials we would look at.  For instance, below is an example of a quadratic function and students can see that a positive a value will make the graph open up.


Before the handouts are given, we would watch two introduction videos to Desmos, one intro to Desmos video and one on sliders.  After that, in pairs, students will each complete a hand out that students will need to complete.  We would then go over it as a class.  If students disagree on an answer or are confused, you can project Desmos on the SmartBoard and the students can visually see what the answer is and a further discussion can be had.  I love using Desmos for this part of the unit because not only is it free but students can manipulate the graphs to find out the different characteristics on their own.

I realized after creating this lesson that there would be new definitions and concepts that students had not seen before.  I’m searching for a way to present these new definitions in a different way than me at the board saying ‘here is the word and this is the definition’.  I want to find some online app to use to change it up a bit.  So if you have any ideas, let me know please!  So the Desmos will really be the second lesson and I’m still thinking of a unique way to do the definitions!

So far, I think this major project is going well, even though I started the second lesson instead of the first lesson!  I’ve had a lot of fun so far creating handouts and finding new online apps to use in the classroom!


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