Adobe Spark!

I’m not the best with technology, I have a hard time using technology but I really enjoyed using Adobe Spark!  Adobe Spark is a free online/mobile design graphic app.  You can create posts, pages and videos.  After watching a tutorial video for Adobe Spark, I began creating a page!page

To start off with, you add a title and a subtitle.  Then you can add a background to spruce up the page a bit.  Note that there are many options for pictures: Uploading photos from a computer, looking through creative common photos and photos you have in a Dropbox or Google Photos.


From there, you can start creating your own page!  You can add photos, videos, text, a photo grid and a glideshow (pictures that fade in and fade out one after the other).

That’s basically all there is to it for pages!  Pages can go on as long as you want.  I successfully completed my first page on Adobe Spark.  I did it on polynomial definitions and examples.  I think it turned out well.  I didn’t have a very difficult time creating the page and I would definitely use it again.

This is the preview of creating a video using Adobe Spark.  You can pick the theme you want and go from there.  You can add videos, text, music and voice recordings!  I haven’t tried creating a video but there is a short how to use this video when you are about to begin and it really did not seem difficult to use.



– Free and no downloading.
– Able to upload photos and look through creative common photos to use.
-Has spell check.
-Tutorial videos if you need them.
-Easy way to create videos and pages of information


-As far as I know, you couldn’t have multiple text/picture bubbles in the glideshow.
-I don’t think there is a way to make the font bigger/smaller or have the text as a different color other than black.

Overall, I really enjoyed using Adobe Spark and I think it was a nice way to present the definitions for the polynomial unit.  The picture below is part of the page I created.  This is an organized way to present the information and it is visually appealing.


One Final Thought:  This is a great resource for not only teachers but students as well.  Students could use Adobe Spark for projects for a variety of classes!


7 thoughts on “Adobe Spark!

    • Hey Roxann!
      I would agree it is similar to PowerPoint! For the most part, you could definitely use them interchangeably. This is just me personally, but as a teacher I would almost enjoy a student doing something different than PowerPoint, just because it is so common to do PowerPoints. The nice thing about this, is that it is online so kids can work on it as long as they have internet.
      Thanks for the comment,

  1. That’s really cool! I especially like going in and being able to check out the page itself.
    This app reminds me a lot of Office Sway, with the biggest difference being that Sway goes from Left to Right rather than Top to Bottom. It’s a really cool way to teach that I hadn’t seen until one of my coop teachers used it in her class.
    Keep up the good work!

    • Thanks for the comment James. I have used Office Sway before but it sounds like a great tool to use! I’m definitely going to check it out again. I think Office Sway and Adobe Spark is a nice change from the traditional PowerPoint.

  2. Hi Carmelle,

    I’m glad you reviewed this Adobe Spark! I was going to try it out, but I ended up exploring Educreations instead. It sounds like a neat tool. I especially like that it provides the option to search for pictures through Creative Commons. Did you find that there were any advantages to Adobe Spark as opposed to other presentation tools such as PowerPoint, Prezi, Google Slides, etc.?

    • Hey Amy! Thanks for the comment.
      Well I was glad you chose Educreations to try out! I think the main advantage would be the creative commons and that it isn’t PowerPoint. I find some teachers are tired of having every project being a PowerPoint so being able to change it up is neat. I don’t know much about Prezi though so I can’t comment on that. Like Google Slides, it is online so students can access it as long as they have internet.

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