Course Outline

I got way ahead of myself!  I started off my lesson plans but I didn’t create a course outline!  I based this course outline off of the one my cooperating teacher used.  I taught Foundations 30 for three months during my internship so I ordered the units based on what order I taught the units in.  This is the course outline I created and below are the justifications for why I put units where they are.

I start off with a unit surrounding Venn Diagrams.  Most students consider this to be one of the easier units of the course, so it is a good unit to start up with.  It also sets up the next few units.  I then go into counting methods (combinations and permutations) and then probability (probability involves a lot off counting method problems).  Venn Diagrams can be used as a visual for many probability and counting method problems, which is why Venn Diagrams comes before those.

The next three units are all from the same outcome!  They all have to do with graphing and the characteristics of equations and graphs.  I put the three units together because they have a lot of overlapping concepts which is why I think it’s best to have them all together.

The last two units are financial units.  I put these two units at the end because they are kind of shorter units and if need be, the last unit can be covered after Christmas and before reviewing starts for finals.

Then there is a section for how the evaluation is sorted out.  There are four sections with how much they are worth.

Lastly, there are classroom expectations so that students understand on the first day of school what is expected for students to succeed in this course.



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