I have been searching for any math app that I think people haven’t heard of or used before.  I searched for awhile and found some apps that were cool but you had to pay money and I’m too cheap to pay for apps so I found this gem called Brainscape.  It’s like Quizlet, basically a different way for definitions.  You can use Brainscape online, or download it on your phone or Ipad.  You can create your own flashcards or view flashcards that other users have made.  The app is very easy to use, there are categories or you can search for whatever you are looking for.ecmp7

Factoring polynomials is definitely in my top five things to teach and do in math, so that is what I searched for.


As you can see, there were so many results from what I searched!


I found one had good topics to what I was looking for and I decided to check the ‘Steps When Factoring’.


You can view what the questions are before you start and see if those are the types of questions you are looking for.

The pictures above are examples of what the questions and answers look like.  Once it asks a question, you can the reveal the answer once you have thought about what the answer is.  Then it will tell you the answer.  Then you can rate how well you think you did on the question.  If you rate the question a 5, a message will pop up saying that the question will not be included in the rotation anymore.  Once you’ve started doing questions, under the title it’ll record the ratings you’ve given.  You can go over the questions as many times as you want.  Once you’ve started doing questions a second time, it’ll have an outline in the color you rated the question the first time you did it.

Once I did the Factoring cards I wanted to create my own.  I started my questions and I realized if you wanted to add a photo to the question you have to pay money.  So I would use this, as long as what I’m using didn’t require pictures because like I stated at the start of this blog  post: I’m a cheap person.

Overall I think this is a fairly neat app for anyone to use.  You don’t need to be a student or teacher to use this, anyone who wants to learn should try out this app again!  So anybody doing a learning project for their major project should check this out because maybe they have the topic you’re doing!

Thanks for reading, leave a comment or question!







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