I like Twitter but I don’t love it.  I think when used properly, Twitter can be great but I think some people use it for good and not evil.  I got my first Twitter account four years ago.  I thought I was so interesting and had so much to say.  I was sure that people would find what I would say fascinating.  I couldn’t have been more wrong.  I didn’t know how to efficiently use Twitter.  The following were tweets that I wrote.


There are so many things wrong with those Tweets.  First of all, I didn’t use hashtags and when I did you use them I didn’t use them well.  I used hashtags that nobody would ever use or look up.  Second of all, many of the things I was tweeting about wouldn’t spark conversation.  This went on for about a year and now I really only use Twitter for information on my favorite sports teams (I follow things like the Dallas Cowboys, NFL, NFL beat writers and writers for the Dallas Cowboys).

I used Twitter in ECMP355 and I then understood how to use Twitter a lot more efficiently but I still didn’t use it often.  For the most part, except ECS 300, I took a hiatus from Twitter until I started ECMP455.  I really enjoyed the #ecmpchat we had last week.  I had such a great time talking to different educators about their thoughts on different topics.  I had so much fun I participated in a chat right after class with the hashtag #kidsdeserveit.  It was such a fun time!!  I am starting to learn the ways of Twitter.

twitter 2

In this tweet, I am using a relevant hashtag, talking about a topic that might spark conversation and using most of the 140 character limit provided.  I have grown so much since my previous tweets!

I can see all the upsides to using Twitter.  Connecting,  collaborating, seeking new lessons and sharing ideas.  Like I said at the beginning: I like Twitter, but I don’t love it.  I like it more now that I know how to actually use Twitter properly but I don’t know that I’d use it on a daily basis.  The Twitter chats I’ve had are a lot of fun though and I plan on doing many more!


2 thoughts on “Twitter

  1. Your views and use of Twitter are similar to mine; I like it because it is a potentially powerful tool, but it’s just not something that I have found myself using so much in university! Do you think you will end up using it more once you have your own classroom?

    • Thanks for the comment! I think it depends what platform my students use. If none of them really use Twitter I might not use Twitter as much with students but I would use Twitter to communicate with other educators!

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