Online Education

What role will online learning play in the future of education?  That is the question!

I think online learning will play a huge part in the future of education.  I think even presently, it plays an important role.  Students in smaller communities are able to take classes that aren’t offered at the school so they are able to take classes of their interests by taking online classes!  Many schools have SmartBoards in classrooms and have laptop carts/computer rooms available for classes to use for online learning.  


In the future though, I think technology will have more of a presence in education.  I think in the future, people will embrace technology more.  Right now, I think that some people (students, parents, educators, etc.) are hesitant about how much online learning should be incorporated into class, mostly because they just do not know how beneficial it is to have online learning in the class.  I think we will see advancements in technology and in the future we would be able to even more in the classroom related to learning online.

I am a big advocate for online learning and I think when used correctly students can learn a lot from learning things online.  If teachers aren’t comfortable or don’t think online learning should play a part in education, they should try collaborating with other educators who maybe more comfortable with technology in education.  I think collaboration can always help improve the way we teach students!

Overall, going forward I think we are only going to see an increase in technology use for using online learning in the classroom and I am excited to see what kind of resources we will have as educators in the future!



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