Assessment! (Again)

I will not apologize for creating another post about assessment.  This is surrounding the assessment done at the end of the unit.  So, for the first part of the assessment, I would want students to create a project (this is the assignment and rubric).  They would be in groups of two or three and pick one topic we covered.  They would have to explain what the section is all about (definitions, concepts, etc.) and pick three examples to explain and provide the correct solution.  They would have to use some technology app (Google Slides, Prezi, etc.) to do all of that and then provide a screencast of the tech app they used.


Once students have completed the project, they will fill out a Google Survey I created about how each group member contributed to the project.  This isn’t for marks, it’s just to see if all the members pulled there weight.  If there were any instances where the surveys did not match up (a student saying they did all the work but then their group member saying they did nothing) then I’d talk to the group.


For the most part, that is the rubric being used to grade the students.  Rubrics are really important for teachers and students.  Rubrics can help students understand what they need to do to be successful for an assignment/project.  Rubrics can also help teachers with marking, they are a great guideline for teachers and keep the marking consistent.  I’m a big fan of rubrics!

Students will also complete a hand in review.  The review is to be completed and handed in for marks.


That is part of the hand in review.  It’s matching graphs to equations.  Other parts of the review include: Filling out a chart of polynomial characteristics, word problems (linear, quadratic or cubic regressions), creating equations and creating graphs.  Students should try to complete the review on their own but they can work with other students or go online and look at different resources like Khan Academy and of course they can ask me for help!

I also created a review for the students to help them study.  It just highlights the important things we did this chapter.


The last part of the assessment is a unit test.  I do not try and ‘trick’ my students on unit tests.  I give fair questions, nothing they haven’t seen before.  As long as students understand the work we’ve done through the unit they won’t have trouble on the test.


The school I interned at did outcome based assessment, so that is why I have the outcome at the top of the page.  Whatever mark students receive on the test will be put in that outcome.  The first part of the test is multiple choice and the second part is short answer.  One thing I want to mention is that for multiple choice, I like to double space the answers for multiple choice because I think it makes it easier for students to read because there is space between the options.  Also, during my internship I put the little motivation piece at the topic of every test I handed out.  I think a lot of students struggle with test anxiety, so I like to remind students to believe in themselves and that they understand the concepts!

Well, that is all there is for assessments!  I don’t think you can ever blog enough about assessment.  Assessment is so important and I will never stop talking about it!  I will have one more blog post to wrap things up but this is pretty much the last post!  Wow, this semester has flown by!



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