That’s All She Wrote.

Well, this is the final post of my final assignment for my undergrad degree.  The past four years have gone by so fast!  Anyone who knows me knows that I am not a tech person.  I’m quite the opposite actually!  That being said, I think I’ve grown a lot this semester and have come to embrace technology!  This online unit has been a lot of fun to create and I really enjoyed finding new resources to use in the classroom!  This last blog post is just a summary of everything I did for this unit!

If you want to see all of my blog posts surrounding my online unit you can do that or if there is something specific you want to look at you can look below and I split everything up into sections!  Note: This post is the only place where I have updated all of the lesson plans and the unit summary.

I made a blog post about the course outline I created for Foundations 30.
I created a unit summary for the online unit I created (Polynomial Functions).  It’s a brief description of each lesson and key concepts students should understand by the end of the unit.
I decided to use Edmodo as if I was actually teaching the class.  I posted assignments, reminders and surveys for students.  The code is: 79279f.  So you can check out what I did with Edmodo as well!

6.1 – Exploring the Graphs of Polynomial Functions
This is the lesson plan I created for 6.1.
I made a blog post about 6.1 which involves definitions and characteristics of polynomials.

6.2 – Characteristics of the Equations of Polynomial Functions
This is the lesson plan I created for 6.2.
I made a blog post about 6.2 that involves a Desmos activity for students to explore the different types of functions being looked at this unit: a straight horizontal line, linear, quadratic and cubic functions.
I also made a blog post about Desmos Activity Builder.

6.3 – Modelling Data with a Line of Best Fit
This is the lesson plan I created for 6.3.
This is the first blog post I made about 6.3 that involves explaining how to create a linear regression using graphing calculators.  I have an online graphing calculator that is very convenient to use!
Then I created a second blog post about 6.3 where I created a Prezi to help demonstrate how to use graphing calculators!

This is a general blog post I made for assessments (formative and summative) that I did for 6.2 and 6.3.

6.4 – Modelling Data with a Curve of Best Fit
This is the lesson plan I created for 6.4.
This is the blog post I made for the final part to this unit 6.4.  I created a Google Slide and screencast to explain linear, quadratic, and cubic regressions.

This is a short lesson plan I created just talking about the summative assessments.
I created a final blog post that explains the summative assessments I created (test, review and a project) for students to do.

I am so happy with how my online unit turned out, I know I’ll be able to use what I have created when I start my teaching career.  I had a great time finding new resources and trying new things out!  Let me know if you have any thoughts or questions about anything I have done during the unit!  Thanks for reading!