Learning from our Students

Learning from Our Students is an article written by Nel Noddings from ProQuest Education Journals from the summer of 2004.  This was a required reading for my ECS 300 class this week.  The following post will be my response to the article, specifically including quotes that I can relate to from personal experiences, my teaching philosophy and how I will use the ideas in this article in the classroom.

In the article Noddings states, “the true pedagogical task is to illustrate the full potential of the subjects that students are forced to study.”  I think this relates a lot to what my education philosophy is.  Not all students are going to enjoy the different subjects they are taking and I think as a math teacher it is part of my job to have students see why I love math so much.  If students see the passion I have for the subject it is possible they can see the full potential that math has.  Even though students may dislike math and but have to take the class,  I can do my best to demonstrate all the wonderful thing math has to offer.

In the closing paragraph of this article Noddings says “Additionally, through listening to students, we can learn what motivates them, and we can pique their interests by sharing our own intellectual interests.” I would like to bring this concept to the classroom.  I think it is a good idea to listen to students because I agree that teachers can use a lot from students.  When teachers know different learning styles and different things about students we can help them learn.  Also, when we share our own interests with students we may have similar interests or spark interests students did not know they had.

Overall this was an interesting article that brings up different points that I may have not thought of.  I would recommend reading this article because it is an interesting article that gives a lot to think about.