6.3 Excitement!

6.3 is the exciting part of Modelling Data with a Line of Best Fit.  Students will use Excel and graphing calculators to do word problems!  Students will be using technology to complete different word problems.  I used Screencast-O-Matic

During my internship, my cooperating teacher gave me a file that has a graphing calculator you can open on your laptop calculator!


The left side is an example of what the worksheet looks like.  There area  few definitions and some examples of the type of word problems they’d have.  They can download the worksheet and do the workshop on the laptop.  As you can see from the image, the graphing calculator looks just like the real thing!!  This way, I can project this on the board/SmartBoard and demonstrate to students steps for how to do these problems.  I absolutely loved using this during my internship.  Graphing Calculators can be tough to work with so this is a good way to demonstrate to students what to do while they use their own calculators.

I did a screen cast that explains how to use the graphing calculator to create a scatter plot.  I am still a little sick so I apologize ahead of time for the coughing.  It wasn’t exactly how I would explain it to students, I had a little notes for teachers.  I really like using screencasts to explain concepts to students because they can view it whenever they want. Screencast-O-Matic only allows 15:00 screencasts so I did only part of the example.  I will put part B and C of the example in another video.  I also made notes for students, just a couple definitions and examples.




3 thoughts on “6.3 Excitement!

  1. Wow, thanks for sharing! Both the virtual graphing calculator and the screen cast look like great tools to use in the classroom!

    Do you think that this would work as well if you used an online graphing calculator like Desmos? Or does Desmos not have enough details compared to the TI to do so?

    Thanks for sharing, it all looks really great!

    • Thanks for the comment James! I really enjoyed using the virtual graphing calculator in my internship. To my knowledge Desmos does not have all the necessary functions. I’m pretty sure you can’t get a linear regression with Desmos. I could be wrong though! I know you can do a table of values with Desmos though.
      The reason I used the TI graphing calculator is being the grade 12s were going to be able to use them on their Departmental final so I wanted to get them used to the graphing calculators.

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